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Tappymed II

Tappymed II

The handheld Tappymed II massager gives you a thorough massage for sore, stiff and tense muscles in your whole body, from neck and shoulders to the sole of your foot. Therapeutic massage is one of the most effective forms of non-pharmaceutical pain relief for sore, tired, and tense muscles. It can get rid of those painful knots that lead to intense pain in the neck and shoulders as well as painful cramping in overworked muscles. It encourages the circulation of the blood in the skin and releases tension in the musculature, which may make you feel more relaxed than before.




MEDIMAT combines shiatsu massage with oscillation – a real innovation based on the experience of therapists and medical practitioners. With rolling and kneading movements, the professional masseur releases the tension,stiffness and deep-seated cramp in the back muscles. Here, the form of these movements is simulated perfectly by smoothing massage heads that rotate or roll.


Maxiwell Jade

Maxiwell Jade

Portable and practical massage cushion for home, office and car. Four massage heads provide a deep tissue massage by circular movements, comes with vibration and heat. Relaxing and soothing effect. Adapter included for mobile and stationary use. Remote control for your convenience.


1-2-Peel Callus Treatment

1-2-Peel Callus Treatment

The 1-2-Peel is a safe all natural foot treatment which exfoliates dead skin, removes callus, helps to cure feet from bad foot odors and leaves your feet nice and smooth. The whole process is absolutely pain free.

All you need to do is follow two simple steps:   

Put on the bootee for 90-120min

Wash your feet

Everything else happens by itself. 

Have a look at our little movie clip and see how simple it is:http://youtu.be/_fMfPt8wz4U


Powerboard vibration plate

Powerboard vibration plate

The PowerBoard is an innovative vibration platform with multifunctional use, which can be used to train each individual muscle. It doesn’t matter if it is at home or in a fitness studio. The PowerBoard performs alternating movements (tilting movements) which are adapted to the human anatomy. This combination of vibration training + alternating movements is optimal and very effective for PowerBoard step classes in a studio. 



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 What people say about our products:

"We bought a Casada powerboard at the Destiantions show, and are completely delighted with it.  It has improved my life-long bad sense of balance [ didn't expect that result], it has improved my almost life-long poor circulation to the extent that this is the first winter I have not taken medication in decades, and there is no other change in life-style to which I can attribute this, and my physiotherapist agrees.   And at least as important - it is very easy and fun to use, it gets the adrenalin going and psychologically we both feel better after a 10 minute session."

 Mrs F. Twickenham

 “This is a lovely massage, very realistic. It really felt like real hands. Fantastic!” Emma Wells

“The Maxiwell cushion is really close to a hands on massage. It basically does the same movement as I do with my fingers when I give people a massage. The Maxiwell is a great product, and after the massage you feel more relaxed and less stressed, you’re in a better mood and more energised.” Sarah Baechi, physiotherapist M.C.S.P S.R.P – British Olympics Athletes 2012

 “Very, very relaxing and great stress relief.” Rebecca Leusley.

"This product is amazing! Very effective at getting rid of tensions and knots.” Naomi Bell.