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Braintronics – Brainwave stimulation system


While the left brain rather counts and identifies the trees, the right recognizes that all together they make up a forest.


Body and Mind balance

In our increasingly complex and achievement-oriented society we reach our physical and mental limits faster and faster. Prolonged stress and pressure situations such as tension and busyness strain our body and mind. Internally driven yet exhausted we are always looking for effective ways of physical and mental relaxation. However, we already carry the ability to relax, recharge energy reserves and unleash new life within ourselves.

Within 20 minutes the braintronic system, in combination with a well balanced massage, gives you a deep relaxation, which is comparable to 4 hours of sleep.

The normal waking state corresponds to the BETA waves and the basic state of relaxation to ALPHA waves.

Benefits and areas of application of Alpha waves

  • Muscle relaxation
  • Blood pressure neutralisation
  • Improved circulation
  • Increased concentration
  • Prevention of stress-related diseases
  • Tinnitus
  • Headache
  • Burnout
  • Depression
  • Increased memory performance
  • Improved digestion

Without consideration of harmful side effects and risks, we use psychotropic drugs to relief insomnia or mood swings. However, remedy and relief are short-lived and, sadly, most often do not achieve the desired effect.

Usually, our body fixes itself while falling asleep or during a short nap. But due to our unnatural lifestyles, our bodies often skip the regenerating phase of falling asleep and instead fall directly into deep sleep. This can be one of the reasons why we do not feel entirely relaxed and energetic in the morning.


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