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Cellumax massages the connective tissue and supports blood circulation and the elimination of toxins.It affects the body fat,warms it up and drains it.By using the Cellumax you bring your body in shape,massage tired and tense body parts and overcome cellulite.

Cellumax-massage with a deep effect.Two different,easily interchangeable massage heads activate the nervous and circulatory system in two different ways. Easy to use-Thanks to the control wheel the speed of the Cellumax can be adjusted without any level stages and makes a more individual massage possible. The integrated heating function intensifies the deep effect. Cellumax can be used with cellulite cream to attain better results.

Flat Head: This top part massaged gently and is suitable for sensitive areas such as the face(please use with cover since little hairs may get entangled).

Nubbled Head: The shape of this top part gives you an invigorating massage,activates the nervous and ciculatory system and increases blood circulation.Especially suitable to be used with cellulite cream(pleas remove the cover before).


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