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Hilton II


Whether you are looking for relaxation or inspiration, with this variety of automatic programming and manual settings, there is nothing left to be desired.Innovative technologies regarding engineering and design make the HiltonII a real highlight, and in addition, it plays your favourite music as well.The Hilton II makes you float and gives you as much space – from your shoulders to the soles of your feet – as you need.All functions can be easily operated and varied via the logical remote control.Decide yourself, what makes you feel good today.

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Besides the massage functions we have already become fond of, like rolling, kneading and tapping, the Hilton II makes you enjoy the unique feeling of weightlessness when pushing the button Zero-G. In the astronaut position your knees are elevated above the level of your heart and there is no strain on the spine at all. The pressure on vertebras and intervertebral discs decreases, the blood circulation is being activated and tensions are released long term.

Zero Space

In the lying position, conventional massage chairs need a lot of room behind the backrest. Thanks to the Zero Space Technology of the Hilton II, the chair swivels forward and thus needs a wall distance of only 8 centimetres. Space-saving and comfortable!

S-Line / S-Shape

This programme includes a complete back massage from the shoulders to the bottom, using massage heads that are especially close to the body. This S-shaped mechanism is inspired by the natural anatomy of the spine and is therefore able to reliably reach your muscles.


YOGA Massage – effectively moves and balances your physical and emotional imbalance. Methodic stretching movements are used to vitalise your body and calm your mind. Massage of body pressure points may activate the energy channels of your body and revitalise your entire wellbeing.


Measurements upright: 135 x 79 x 121,8 cm

Weight: 86 kg

Voltage: 220 V ~ 50/60 Hz

Rated power: max. 230 W


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