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Quattromed IV-S


The Quattromed IV-S has an S-Line mechanic,which is based on the natural shape of the spine.This especially benefits your lumbar region by massage heads, which are particularly close to your body. The natural forces of jade stones supports your positive effect of this massage device. By the integrated heat function whose effect is intensified by natural stones, you feel a particularly soothing,warm and comfortable massage.The Quattromed IV-S has a detailed amorous design that looks great anywhere. Say goodbye to hardened muscles and let yourself be spoiled by your Quattromed IV-S.

Ergonomic Massage with Feel-Good Factor

Our spinal column is the central support system for our entire body. Subject to stresses at any time and at any place,it offsets shocks, compressions and all other influences through intervertebral discs, ligaments, vertebrae and musclesThis way the posture can be improved and brought into an optimal feel-good position due

to shifting of weight.


rolling and kneading

> relieves muscle tension

> strenghtens back muscles


> activates lymphatic drainage and

blood circulation


> increased and deeper effect


> allows a change in the direction of rotation

of the massage heads

Measurements:115 x 44 x 12 cm,Weight: 9 kg,Input AC ~ 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz

Output DC 24 V, 2.0 A,Rated power: 25 Watt,Operating time automatic:15 minutes


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