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Tappymed III


With its infinitely variable speed, Tappymed III relaxes the muscles and releases Tension. With their innovative design, four uniquely shaped silicon attachments soothe the nerves and promote the healthy flow of the circulatory system.This effect is further improved by the additional heating function.You‘ll begin to feel the astounding benefits even after your first experience.You‘ll be surprised how precisely Tappymed III reaches every tense part of your body with its contoured shape. Space-saving, handy and perfectly engineered, Tappymed II sets new standards in design and ergonomics.

Product features


Jade is a natural store and conductor of heat. These high-quality jade stones, purposefully integrated in the massage heads dispense deep warmth and a relaxing effect.


Short, tapping movements are performed with the edge of the hand, the palm or the fist. This promotes blood circulation in the skin and softens tense muscles. If tapping is performed at lung height, this can improve the release of mucus in the lung.


Massage speed is adjustable.


Tappymed III
measurements 410 x 87 x 132 mm
weight 1,1 kg
power source AC 200 V ~ 50 Hz , 100 mA
rated power 25 Watt
RPM Min/Max 1250 – 2500 rpm

CE certifed



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